Band members: Eddie (Vocals/Guitar) 

  Connor (Guitar) 

  Jacob (Bass) 

  Tom (Drums) 

Track list:   See the Light 

Today I have a review of the new single by one of the first bands I ever wrote for on So, you may remember from my earlier review that the band originally formed in 2018 under the band name Torque. In 2022 the guys then rebranded under the name Skullduggery and released their self-titled debut album. 

I still have their previous single ‘Breathin’, released back in January of this year, in my playlist on Spotify and can’t wait to see what the guys have been up to. 

This latest single entitled ‘See the Light’ was released on the 6th of October 2023 and I must say it did not disappoint. Packing the same punch as previous tracks, from the offset I found myself bopping about and could instantly feel the catchy beat. At three minutes and forty-two seconds in length ‘See the Light’ takes us on a journey through war in the modern world and portrays how it affects the soldiers on the front line. The combination of bold and powerful riffs by Connor and the air-raid siren in the background of the intro really set the scene and highlight the songs’ subject matter.  I personally crave tracks that tell a story as they demonstrate awareness and can sometimes draw attention to taboo topics not often raised in every day conversation.  

Eddie demonstrates throughout this piece his vast vocal range by using varying singing techniques to match the emotions behind the lyrics. I really enjoyed the depth of passion you can feel given off by him twenty-six seconds in with the line ‘Their spirits fuel the fire as they realize who has lied’. The display of raw emotion draws the listener into the climax of the track and the chorus brings the lyrics together seamlessly.  Robust drumming by Tom and the added spark of intense bass playing by Jacob thrown into the mix, consistently kept me drawn in and after a few play-throughs I found myself belting out the lines whilst moderately head-banging to his beat as I wrote notes for this review. 

‘See the light’ is structured in a way that breaks up the seriousness of the topic at hand with powerful choruses that the audience can really get involved with. The repetition of the song title mixed in with the line ‘When I’m feeling cold and I’ve lost my sight, I still fight my fight’ emphasises what goes through a soldier’s mind when serving their country, even at the worst of times.  

As a whole I’d say that ‘See the light’ is a brilliantly constructed compilation of exuberant drum beats and fierce guitar riffs. Not only does the track feel great as a demonstration of modern heavy rock, but it portrays a delicate issue with straight forward lyrics in a way that listeners in the alternative scene will most definitely appreciate.  I hope to hear more from Skullduggery real soon… 

I’d just like to finish by saying a big thankyou to Connor and the rest Skullduggery for thinking of VoodooRadio.Online and asking me to review this latest masterpiece. As usual it’s been a pleasure!