Of all the internet radio stations, why choose Voodoo Radio? What do we offer that sets us above the others? Good question. One simple word comes to mind:


The Danish band, King Diamond, sang:

There’s so much more to Voodoo than meets the eye.”

That great lyric haunted me whilst writing this introduction. I couldn’t get away from the feeling that the mysterious practice of Voodoo, like music, is something intangible, requires belief, and defies all logic and reason, at times. It was a great name for the station, too. Voodoo Radio is much more than a website and a datastream. It’s our lives. We do this because we love it. No ulterior motives. No money. It’s all about the music. It’s what we all believe in.

All of our passionate presenters possess a stunning depth of knowledge, covering many musical styles. Their all-encompassing love for the music is what drives them; for them, it is not a passing fancy or, a casual hobby, it’s what makes them get up every day. Here at Voodoo Radio, we embrace individuality, creativity, and diversity, and we need to share our passion, and spread the joy of it, with like-minded people. It isn’t about whether you are an experienced broadcaster or, a novice, what genre of music you love or, whether it’s the latest thing or, a hundred years old, we are doing our best to bring you the best selection of music on the internet.

We feel extremely blessed, for reasons beyond fathoming, that so many talented souls want to help found Voodoo Radio. They look to invest in something that we all truly believe in. We are genuinely honoured that they have made this decision. Come and share our collective pleasure. Let us enchant you with our passions. Come, join us in the devilry at Voodoo Radio.

So, Do YOU Have Voodoo?

The Rock And Roll Preacher

March 2019.

Voodoo Radio …. On A Small World West Of Wonder …