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The UK’s Premiere Online Alternative Music Radio Station would be nothing without the support of our amazing team…

    THA PAYN sponsored by SHILJIT UK

    Heads Up


      The Catflea Massacre Ska & Reggae Show & Dub Circus


        This is SKA

          Middagh Goodwin

          Meanwhile in the Shadows…

            Nick Benke

            The Dog Particle with the God of Thunder

              The God of Thunder

              Just Some Punk Songs

                Mick Fletcher

                The Mike Rogers Show & The Color Red Radio Show

                  Mike Rogers

                    Dennis Jarman

                    Doctor Yeti’s Delicious Intergalactic Psychedelic Radio

                      Dr Yeti


                        Brian Blum

                        WANTED FOR EATING THE LAST COOKIES!

                          The WOB


                            Wayne Elliott

                            Radio Warfare

                              Tim Livingston

                              Preacher & Tha Payn and Sonic Sermons From The Preacher's Pulpit

                                The Rock N Roll Preacher

                                The Freak Room

                                  DJ Roo

                                  The Slippery Slope The Rock & Metal Fest

                                    NJ Harris

                                    The Laveau Lounge

                                      Mike Bowden

                                      The Psychedelic World of Magic Mark

                                        Magic Mark Yandle

                                        Southern Nation

                                          Greyfox Growl

                                          Twist 'N' Shake

                                            Gil Sanchez

                                            The Big Hair-Ocolyps!

                                              Chris “The Animal” Price

                                              Dublicious Cruise

                                                DJ Slim 254

                                                Screams From The Charnel House

                                                  DJ Ghost

                                                  Shred Til Ya Dead Breakfast Show

                                                    Mick Staley

                                                    Radio Gnome Invisible

                                                      The Electric Discordian


                                                        Carl Cryer

                                                        Outlaw Renegade Nation

                                                          Michael A. Palmer

                                                          The Rock Vault

                                                            The Dazzler

                                                            The Cyderbaby Show

                                                              Dave Cyderbaby

                                                              The Grunchtime Show

                                                                Tim Cunningham


                                                                  Nicky Covill

                                                                  Driving With The Devil

                                                                    Neil Cook

                                                                    Oh No! Not Garage and Hardcore Punk

                                                                      Jason Tattum

                                                                      Scary Monsters & Super Geeks

                                                                        Grant Orino

                                                                        DJ’s Denim & Leather Show

                                                                          DJ Darren Joyce

                                                                            Jamie Bey and Chilli

                                                                            Punk AF Radio

                                                                              Paul Hammond

                                                                              ‘Children Of The Dark’

                                                                                Jessie Hammond

                                                                                The Pluggin Baby Radio Show

                                                                                  Emma Scott

                                                                                    Chris Black

                                                                                    Cat Man's Rocks

                                                                                      Cat Man

                                                                                      The Monday Modal Meltdown

                                                                                        Sean McGee