Hi Maggie, how did the name “We’ve got a Fuzzbox & We’re Going To Use It” come about? And who thought of it?

The name came about because we hadn’t got a name and we were asked what our name was at our first gig. It was more a response than anything else! I said it not thinking it would actually become our name

 On your new recordings, you worked with Melanie Williams, who I know you have worked with before, and Firouzeh. What’s the chemistry like between you all?

 I love Frou and Mel. They’re great women, such talented vocalists but the person who features most is Jenny Tingle. It’s her flute motif that links us all together. 

Who is your favourite artist and how have they influenced you in your career?

My favourite artist is Danielle Dax, we have featured a cover of her song Fizzing Human Bomb on the album. She was a huge inspiration to me and to Fuzzbox. She told women to learn their tech back in the 80’s. 

 You’ve got two very different types of producers: Mike Bennett is surely more of an old school, alternative rock guy , and from what I’ve seen Gary Watts is more of an electro head. Did you feel you were taking the best route getting both of these two guys on board?

 Mike and Gary are opposites, they work really well together, crazy and highly functional – it’s quite the marriage!

Maggie, thank you so much for taking time out to talk to me for a Voodoo radio review.