John Otway is a micro star and of course at the same time a legendary failure. Seeing him at this wonderful small, friendly and intimate venue was fantastic. He is absolutely talented, and his excellent set, as usual, started with his two main hits ‘Really Free’ and ‘Beware The Flowers’ (“to get them out of the way “)

He is the only musician that I’ve ever seen, who makes my cheeks physically ache from laughing.

Everything about the venue, from the professional friendly staff, to the actual artist, made this a unique experience, and it makes you realise that venues like this should be supported so they can afford to promote artists of this ilk and bigger bands in a great small venue.

The fans, of course totally loved the performance – from the Otway “virgins” – to the super fan from Northampton who follows him to most of his gigs. Otway is always very personable and through his various failed ideas, he shows what a great guy he is who loves entertaining – hence why his fans have moved heaven and earth to get him a hit with ‘Bunsen Burner’ for one milestone birthday and other stuff as well.

Last year he performed his 5000 gig – that’s something like 3.5 gigs a week for approximately 27 years – WOW! To think that his mother thought he was in the wrong job! (although I think she realised what a legend he is before she finally passed away). If you see Mr Otway on tour near you (either with Wild Willy Barrett or solo) it is a must. All I can say is what a star!