I have to say that I totally love the vibe of this group, who whilst avoiding convenient categorisation, yet remaining contemporary, dip into groups like Duran Duran and Australia’s The Reels, to create a myriad of menacing soundscapes for the ‘now’ generation.

The opening track ‘Tender Hook’ has a fantastic groove, and whilst being a fantastic rock track, with excellent, poignant lyrics, the enveloping theme of electronica is prominent throughout, giving it an eerie cinematic atmosphere. 

The second track ‘Hostile’ is also a brilliant piece of work, and spins the listener into a vortex of spiralling synthesisers, and mean, menacing sharp stabs, that provide a backdrop for the accidental lyrics – which are laden with surrealistic imagery that keeps you enraptured, and on every listen, you hear something more. 

The final track ‘Can’t Help The Machine’ is equally as encapsulating, and again whilst drawing influences from 80s icons such as Duran Duran , and taking elements of Nine Inch Nails and more – there is always a spark of surprise that is post-modernist, especially on this track.

If you’re looking for something different, I could not recommend Sugarstone more highly, which is why I am giving it a five-star review!