It’s hard to imagine that Voodoo Radio is now over four years old. When I started the station back in 2019, I never dared to imagine that we would grow to the point that we would have close to 60 DJ’s and be approaching the point where we are now thinking about broadcasting actual shows 24/7, and that we would be considering not having to use auto DJ at all.

It has been a wild ride so far, I had always hoped we would have kept all the original roster, but life is all about change and progression, and I am immensely proud of the variety and quality of all our presenters and shows – and I hope you are enjoying what we do just as much. As Trapeze once sang: ‘You are the music – we’re just the band’

We are constantly working to improve this site – a catchup page will soon be available for all our shows – as we know a lot of our listeners have been asking for this. Other improvements and enhancements will follow soon. A dedicated app is on the way – something else you have asked for – and your wish is our command.

Starting very soon on Voodoo Radio is ‘G O B Talk Radio’ (a no-prize will be given for anyone who can guess what it means!). ‘G O B’ is going to be a two-hour talk show, airing from 9:00-11:00am every weekday morning. The shows will air as “Good Moaning Britain”. Do not expect bland or trite nonsense – instead follow our presenters down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories and the gods alone know what else – there will be no censorship and no limits as to what is discussed. You have been warned!

There is so much more coming too, it would not be unfair to say that our creative juices are flowing! Voodoo is spreading its wings – and we hope you will stay with as we continue to grow and evolve! We aim to keep earning our place as The UK’s Greatest Alternative Music Radio Station!

                                                                                                        The Rock ‘n’ Roll Preacher 

                                                                                                                                     May 2023

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