The Electric Discordian is a music lover based in Discordian Towers, orbiting Manchester in the North of England. He has spent many years working in rock nights across Manchester, as well as Ska nights and even weddings. Now, he has settled into a routine of providing all the crazy brain-melting tunes your heart desires on RadioCrown and Voodoo Radio.

The Electric Discordian is supported by Mrs. Discordian, who is always there to provide support and quiet tutting when Miles Davis goes anywhere near a turntable. The team also includes an indispensable producer who may lack the ability to speak, but certainly has opinions on playlists and occasionally kicks vital equipment onto the floor. She works for cat biscuits!

Join The Electric Discordian and his team as they take you on a journey through the Radio Gnome Invisible, playing all kinds of music from various genres and eras. Tune in and let the music take you on a trip!