Meet Sammi Quinn, the Mistress of Metal and host of Voodoo Radio Online’s “Midday Metal Mayhem” show every Tuesday at 12 pm (UK)/7 am (EST). Sammi is a Metal Valkyrie who adores Heavy Metal and loves to make people happy. She was created when a foundry worker dropped a litre of bourbon and a Motley Crue LP into a crucible of molten metal, resulting in a beautiful Metal Valkyrie with a bad attitude and a creative streak a mile wide. Sammi’s show features up-and-coming Metal acts that she believes will be tomorrow’s stadium and festival headliners. Her favorite bands include Motley Crue, Arch Enemy, Judas Priest, Slayer, and LA Guns, among others. Connect with Sammi on Facebook, Instagram, and Mixcloud, and catch her show every Tuesday on Voodoo Radio Online. Don’t forget to tune in for some Midday Metal Mayhem!