Welcome to Cat Man’s Rocks, where the love for cats and passion for music collide in a symphony of alternative sounds. As the director of the Steel Paws Festival and a fervent music enthusiast, Cat Man brings you a show dedicated to the rock genre. Embracing Lemmy’s famous words, “There are only two types of music… Music you don’t like & music you DO like,” Cat Man delves into the vibrant world of contemporary rock.

Cat Man’s Rocks is all about celebrating the bands that have emerged this side of the millennium. This show is not about regurgitating old classics but rather shining a spotlight on the incredible talent that often goes unnoticed by mainstream media. Voodoo Radio Online, with its alternative spirit, provides the perfect platform to showcase the richness and diversity of new bands and their music.

Join Cat Man as he uncovers the hidden gems, the rising stars, and the groundbreaking sounds that define the alternative rock scene today. Experience the thrill of discovering new music and supporting emerging artists who are pushing the boundaries of creativity. Cat Man’s Rocks is your gateway to a world where passion, talent, and alternative music reign supreme.

Let the electrifying energy of Cat Man’s Rocks transport you to a realm where rock music thrives and innovation knows no bounds. Get ready to embrace the alternative side of music, as Cat Man guides you on a sonic journey that will leave you craving more. Together, let’s celebrate the power of music and the untapped potential of the contemporary rock scene.

Tune in to Cat Man’s Rocks on Voodoo Radio Online and be part of a community that dares to be different. Experience the thrill of discovering new bands, supporting independent music, and embracing the alternative spirit that defines this extraordinary show. Get ready for a rock-filled adventure that will have you nodding your head, raising your fist, and unleashing your inner rock aficionado.