Dennis Jarman

Dennis Jarman, fast approaching 59 but not acting like it! Music is my life, always has, always will be. Been to hundreds of concerts since seeing Motorhead in 1980.

DJ Darren Joyce

Darren discovered his passion for Rock and Metal as a teenager back in ’79, just as the NWOBHM movement swept the genres back to the forefront of the wider public consciousness. Always fiercely passionate about Rock from the late ‘60’s and early ‘70’s, his love of Heavy Prog Rock from that era also still burns… Continue reading DJ Darren Joyce

Sean McGee

Sean McGee first found music as a boy when he was bought a cassette recorder for a birthday present.
That recorder enabled him to actually make his own radio shows, introducing the songs and even interviewing himself as various, distinguished guests! By his early teens, he joined a friend group who spent weekends in sweaty bedrooms,… Continue reading Sean McGee