Sean McGee first found music as a boy when he was bought a cassette recorder for a birthday present.
That recorder enabled him to actually make his own radio shows, introducing the songs and even interviewing himself as various, distinguished guests!
By his early teens, he joined a friend group who spent weekends in sweaty bedrooms, strumming cardboard guitars to the best albums of the day. Iron Maiden, Scorpions or Led Zeppelin were the usual stable “strum fest” of the era.
True halcyon days!
His late teens saw him actually with a real guitar and from those times forward he’s never ever looked back.
As a member of many rock and metal bands, Sean has played some wonderful gigs and has made a huge amount of friends along the way.
These days he’s to be found in cosmopolitan Norwich, recording in his home studio, but life still keeps moving forward and, as is often the way, life tends to repeat itself.
Sean is now hosting a “real” radio show, The MONDAY MODAL MELTDOWN, playing tunes by such musicians as have inspired him to play guitar himself.
In his own words:
“I wanna give something back, make you smile and just get everyone inspired, just like it was when I was a boy”