I grew up listening to The Beatles and The Rolling Stones as a child and adored music with a passion. It was no surprise that i entered the mad world of being a DJ at the age of 19, surrounding myself with the disco and funk, glam and punk of the seventies, as the eighties and nineties became a blur of electronic drumbeats and sampling – however i never forgot my true love of all things Rock. Fast forward to around 2010 and i moved into rock nights in Newcastle upon Tyne with the Percy Arms Rock Nights and the monthly Mini Mayfair Classic Rock Nights. By 2016 i joined up with Nova Radio North East as a complete novice but eager to learn and listen as i covered various shows from doing Breakfast Shows to DriveTime and it was here that the concept of The RockBox Radio Show began playing rock and metal for 2hrs every Tuesday and ran for around 215 shows. My outlook was if it made just one listener go out and check the album / band then it was all worthwhile. Today that message still stands with RockBox.