The Electric Discordian dwells in Discordian Towers somewhere orbiting Manchester in the North

of England. He has been a fan of all kinds of music from his early years, so it only seemed right he

found work in rock nights across Manchester, as well as Ska night and some weddings! He had now

settled into a more stable routine firing music into the Ether for RadioCrown and now Voodoo

Radio where he provides all the crazy brain melting tunes your heart desires.

The other important members of the team are Mrs Discordian who is a constant source of support

and quiet tutting if Miles Davis goes anywhere near a Turntable and his indispensable producer who

doesn’t allow her lack of ability to speak and Thumbs to prevent her from having an opinion on

playlists and occasionally kicking vital equipment onto the floor. But she willing to work for Cat


Its nice to be here, and to share my Radio Gnome Invisible with you all.