Born in September of 1970 I was first introduced to the heavier side of rock and roll at a very early age thanks to my brother who is 8 years older than me. Black Sabbath, KISS, AC/DC, Deep Purple, Rainbow, the list gos on and on. My love for music came at a very early age when I taught myself how to play a few things on the piano then graduated to the six-string beast that would make my life have meaning, THE GUITAR!

I have always looked deeper into music. I was fascinated by the GUITAR GODS and really appreciated what a guitar can do in the right and wrong hands. Randy Rhodes was and still to this day is my guitar hero. Even though players such as Ace Frehley, Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, Ronnie LeTekkro, Glenn TIpton & KK Downing just to name a few have molded how I approached music.

My gift of music knowledge has always been a strong side of me and yes, I have been known to ramble about music but it is my passion. The 80s shredders changed music to be my favorite era of music. The ‘Big Hair-Ocolyps’ show is my salute to the musicians and bands that made my generation fun and exciting! Being in my early 50’s I want to help carry the torch of our generation and keep what we founded alive and well KRANK IT UP!!!!!