Rosie’s Smokehouse Deluxe is a band from Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada. I guess, unless you are from there you, like me, had to look it up. Had to zoom out a couple of times, too, before I found somewhere I actually recognised. RSD are one of the Canadian Blues Bands that I have come across, since starting my Blues shows on the wireless. In my ignorance, I had no idea that there was such a thing as an rural Canadian blues scene. Toronto, Vancouver, yeah, I am a fan of those artists but lately, technology and so on, and the ability of people to record good quality music, irrespective of their location, has produced a lot of stuff that is really good. It deserves playing as much as anyone else’s recordings, in my opinion. The Blues started out as the province of the individual, and the small group, isolated by location, played by people on the wireless. When you think about it, it’s how we found out about the blues in the first place. 

David Rose, the bass player, vocalist, and band’s founder, wanted to step out into the limelight, after a career playing in the background. It’s not an uncommon thing to happen. There has to come a point where you just got to do your own thing!  

‘Welcome To The Smokehouse’ is, essentially, a more complete version of the EP that came out last year. The album kicks off with a jaunty little tune called, ‘Someday’, which definitely gets your attention. I have been playing the second track, ‘Walkin’, since I first heard it. It’s a great track and it is included on this album. You can tell it’s a bass players band from this track! ‘Sunday Mournin’ ’ is a more laid back, as is ‘Little Sister’. All tracks feature some great playing from Tony Moretta on guitar, duelling with Gabor Szepesi on keyboards, Please Please Me, features some lovely organ and Welcome To The Smokehouse some very nice piano. Both tracks are great blues rockers, and the drums are nice and tight throughout. 

The one thing it makes me want is, more! And, if I become known for promoting regional blues bands, so be it! This really is a great little recording. I look forward to what is to come, though.