In an industry often dominated by manufactured and artificial music, Judie Tzuke has been a beacon of authenticity since 1978, consistently delivering albums of exquisite craftsmanship. After six long years since the release of ‘Peace Has Broken Out’, during which she collaborated on the remarkable ‘Woman To Woman’ album, anticipation among her devoted fans for a new solo record was palpable.

Enter ‘Jude The Unsinkable’ – a truly remarkable release that surpasses all expectations. This deeply personal album delves into themes close to Jude’s heart, including the fractured world, her own fragile health, and existential questions about her career. With the collaborative efforts of her song-writing partners Ben Mark and Chaz Thorogood, Jude not only found her way forward but created an album of unparalleled beauty and enchantment.

Featuring the familiar Tzuke “recording family” alongside other talented contributors, the result is nothing short of stunning. Jude pours out her heart and soul, showcasing the vocal and lyrical fragility adored by her dedicated fan base. ‘Unsinkable’ kicks off the album as a towering statement of self-examination, setting the tone for a journey of searing honesty and introspection that continues throughout.

Jude’s understanding that ‘less is more’ is evident in the deliberately unfussy composition, allowing each instrument to breathe. The opening salvo of ‘Deadlock’ with its cool groove and infectious chorus, and the wistful yearning of ‘White Picket Fence’ underscore this approach. The use of gentle brass in the latter is particularly moving, evoking tears in its beauty.

‘Evergreen’ captivates with haunting melodies, while ‘I See You’ embodies simple understated elegance. ‘Idiot Kings’ introduces a political note, a first for Jude, delivering a succinct and powerful message. ‘Sanctuary,’ following it, acts as its emotional counterpart, brimming with passion.

‘Rituals’ enchants with its lilting beauty, and ‘Sunflowers’ feels like a nostalgic nod to Jude’s early albums. ‘Old Movies’ carries a soulful lyric longing for gentler times, and ‘You’ve Got To Be In It’ features a beautifully layered vocal with lyrics only Jude could pen.

Closing the album with ‘Keeper Of The Sun,’ a minimalist masterpiece, Jude weaves together sparse yet lovely instrumentation and a beguiling vocal. Forty-five years into her remarkable career, ‘Jude The Unsinkable’ stands as a testament to Judie Tzuke’s enduring brilliance. This album may very well be her finest yet, making it an utterly essential purchase. In a world where music rarely achieves such heights, thank you, Jude – and please, never stop.