I absolutely love both your drumming and your flute playing. If you have to choose which is your favourite of the two instruments?

Thanks Tania! I’m probably better at playing flute, but drumming is my favourite, since it’s so much fun!

You’re featured very atmospherically on the track ‘Supernova’ with Gizz Butt, I gather a remix is in the making? I personally like remixes because they take songs to a different audience. What’s your stance on the remix vibe?

‘Supernova’ is such a great track! The guitar from Gizz Butt adds so much grit and energy. I love what Mike and Gary did with my flute – it sounds amazing. Yes, there is a really exciting remix by Gabriel Lennox in the works! I agree with you on remixes – I love how they can offer a whole new perspective on a song which transcends genres and styles. It makes for some stunning and unique music.

So you worked with Maggie, Mike and Gary. What else are you working on at the moment?

Yeah, it’s been really exciting to work with them! I play in several other bands and projects as well – typical drummer! There are just not enough drummers to go around, but I’m working on that – I’m currently teaching many amazing young people and can’t wait to see what happens when they’re old enough to play in venues. 

You don’t just play drums, but you play other objects as well. That’s very creative. How did that come about?

For a few years I busked as a bucket drummer. I don’t busk much now, but do still play on many weird objects at youth music projects incorporating Trash Drums.

Name five artists that influenced you in your music career, and what’s your favourite genre if push came to shove?

A.    Dave Grohl – I have always loved the joyful yet aggressive way that he plays drums. Ian Clarke – the most amazing contemporary flautist. Maggie Dunne – she has given me so much support and encouragement! Fuzzbox had a huge influence on my generation by pioneering the way for women in the music scene. Lori Barbero with her 2B sticks and thunderous tom grooves. Matt O’Connor who tours the world as a drummer and drum tech and is so kind and down to earth. No matter what genre of bands I play in, I always end up coming back to punk rock!

Which do you prefer recording in the studio or playing live?

Playing live! But as I work on my skills as a studio drummer that may even out a little. 

Apart from all the bands you work with, what else have you been doing recently

I also work as a Drum Librarian at Music Broth. Music Broth is a musical instrument library and charity created with the goal of making playing and learning music accessible to everyone. Library members loan out instruments with infinite swaps, from a catalogue of 3000+ refurbished items. I’m currently working with volunteers to restore & repair around 40 donated drum kits, which will go out to loving homes.