Review By: Dennis Jarman

Recently released via Nuclear Blast Records, ‘IX’ by HOST is an interesting collaboration from Paradise Lost members Nick Holmes and Greg Mackintosh. They’ve created this side project that they say is “Taking the concept of what we attempted to do on the Paradise Lost album HOST but approach it in a modern context”. 

To my ears they have done an excellent job on these nine tracks and highlights include the haunting ‘Wretched Soul’as menacing vocals vie for attention with jarring electronica and resonating bass throbs making for an eclectic opening track. 

‘Tomorrow’s Sky’, first single taken from IX’ eases in on keyboard swathes as their lush textures and hypnotic grooves are pinned down by metronomic drum pounds. Vocals are uplifting that give glimmers of hope for the bubbling outro.

Heartbeat like rhythms dominate over sweeping strings and poppy electronica for sky reaching prowess throughout ‘A Troubled Mind’‘Years Of Suspicion’ is a terrifying, utterly terrifying listen but also a very rewarding one as this nerve shredder crawls along on a black cloak of moroseness. 

 My highlight of this stunning album is final track ‘Instinct’. It’s akin to being in the eye of a storm as it spins you around on an all-consuming tribal beat driven dirge until it turns into a quirky curveball midway but regains its balance for a soothing outro. 

‘IX’ album track listing:

Wretched Soul. 

Tomorrow’s Sky. 

Divine Emotion. 

Hiding From Tomorrow. 

A Troubled Mind. 

My Only Escape. 

Years Of Suspicion. 



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