So, what have the guys at the rock factory sent for Candy the Voodoo Princess of Rock to review today? Well, it’s the new album Catalyst from Adam & the Hellcats.

This is an apt title if you ask me, because the vocals between Adam Feasey & Cirwen Costa work really well. The album has some really good punchy riffs, that can get you bouncing around like a hyper active kid after a chocolate bar. Having heard the band for the first time (I know you’re thinking where the hell have you been hiding? Well, I ain’t tellin ya, because that’s how you win a hide & seek game.) (LOSER) 🙂

So now that I’ve appeared from my hiding place, I can tell you that Cirwen has one hell of a voice, & it really shows on my favourite track ‘Black Witch Bomb’. Cirwen’s vocals are definitely like a witch on an energy drink powered broomstick, (you flew it right outta the park with this track guys, I loved it).

Then we return to earth with ‘Captain Black’, ‘End Of The Line’, ‘Peace, Love, Rock ‘n’ Roll’ – which are my personal favourites. These will make you want an energy drink & chocolate, after dancing around to those kick-ass tunes, and even 100% more so when they play some these songs in their live set.

Call a Hearse’, ‘Battle Cry’, ‘Demons’, ‘Out in the Night’, ‘Scumbag’, ‘Thank You’, ‘Victory March’, and ‘What The Cat Dragged In’ complete the album, each one being a stand-alone track in their own individual right. There are definitely tracks on this album that you will want to play over & over again, as they get ya foot tapping & ya head banging like most good tunes with a kick ass riff do, so they are all well worth checking out.

So, is it going to be a Candy Rocks? Or a Candy Bomb? I give Catalyst a Candy Rocks!