Welcome to the Rock Vault: Unleashing the Power of Classic Rock!

Join us on a nostalgic journey as we dive deep into the world of rock music with “The Dazzler” by your side. With over 50 years of passionate listening and a love for all things rock, he’ll take you back to the golden era of iconic bands and unforgettable melodies.

“The Dazzler” recalls his earliest musical memory, belting out Gary Glitter’s infectious hit “Do You Want To Be In My Gang?” at just 4 years old. From there, his musical tastes expanded to include legendary acts like The Sweet, T-Rex, Pilot, Slade, and even childhood favorites like the Come To Chigley soundtrack and We Are The Diddy Men.

His musical journey continued when he stumbled upon a treasure trove of 7-inch singles on his grandparents’ old 50s record player. Delighting in the sounds of The Everly Brothers, Jim Reeves, and Cliff Richard, his passion for rock music grew.

By the age of 8, “The Dazzler” discovered ABBA, ELO, and Status Quo, finding them to be music that truly resonated with him. A brief flirtation with the likes of “Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick” and “Frigging In The Rigging” followed, but it was Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, particularly Motorhead’s Bomber and Ace of Spades albums, that captured his heart.

The late 70s and early 80s proved to be a golden era for “The Dazzler” as he delved into new heavy music from bands like Saxon, Rainbow, Sammy Hagar, Scorpions, Van Halen, Whitesnake, AC/DC, and UFO. He scoured the local market stalls, record shops, and spent his pocket money on as many singles as he could get his hands on.

Throughout the 80s, “The Dazzler” voraciously collected vinyl records, embracing every facet of rock music, from Classic Rock to NWOBHM, Traditional Metal to Hard Rock, AOR to Prog, Pomp Rock to Southern Rock, Hair Metal to Glam Metal. His passion for the genre was further fueled by the Friday Rock Show hosted by his idol, Tommy Vance. With a transistor radio under his pillow, he tuned in faithfully, recording countless broadcasts, dreaming of one day following in Vance’s footsteps.

Having attended concerts by countless legendary bands over the years, “The Dazzler” found inspiration to pick up the guitar and form his own bands. Despite the interruptions of work and married life, his love for music never waned.

Currently, “The Dazzler” thrives as the Jay Jay French of his tribute band, Twisted System, paying homage to the mighty Twisted Sister.

Now, get ready for an electrifying two-hour journey as “The Dazzler” brings you his favorite tracks from over 50 years of immersing himself in the best music the universe has to offer. From timeless classics to hidden gems, the Rock Vault is your gateway to a sonic adventure like no other.

So stay hungry, keep rocking, and let “The Dazzler” guide you through the legendary chapters of rock music history.