Tune in to The Freak Room on Saturdays from 7pm to 9pm for a trip into the psychedelic realm of music with Roo, a passionate music lover who lives and breathes alternative tunes. Roo’s love of small grassroots festivals and gigs is only matched by her passion for supporting teenagers with learning disabilities.

Join her in the Freak Room, where you can get your fill of the best psychedelic rock from the new to the old, psych rock, space rock, krautrock, 60s garage and freakbeat, and any other trippy tunes that Roo decides to throw into the mix. Roo is a founding member of the Voodoo Radio team, and her unconventional music choices are at the forefront of alternative radio.

For all your alternative music needs, be sure to tune in to The Freak Room, and let Roo free your mind with her unique selection of tunes. Get ready to journey into the unknown, and experience music like never before.