Welcome to The Dog Particle with The God of Thunder, your ultimate destination for alternative music enthusiasts. This show is designed to accompany you throughout the day or night, providing a diverse range of musical experiences. As a recognized authority on rock music, The God of Thunder isn’t afraid to push boundaries and explore various genres. Tune in every Saturday from 1 to 4pm UK time for a captivating mix that may include alternative rock, Northern Soul, Motown, Stax, blues, jazz, and even the occasional unpredictable Rattlesnake Show.

The God of Thunder, known for his distinctive style and goatskin leggings, brings more than just music to the airwaves. Engage with his insightful perspectives on current events and let his wisdom resonate with you. While he curates the playlist, he occasionally accepts requests that align with his discerning taste. Rest assured, when you listen to The Dog Particle with The God of Thunder, boredom is never an option.

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