Welcome to “The Dark Cookie,” hosted by Neil Cook, a radio show dedicated to alternative music that sets your soul on fire. Get ready to embark on a sonic journey through the diverse realms of rock, from classic anthems to cutting-edge sounds. As an esteemed alternative music radio station, we’re here to provide you with the best of alternative music online.

“The Dark Cookie” embraces a wide range of alternative genres, catering to the tastes of rock enthusiasts worldwide. From the rebellious energy of punk to the melodic allure of indie rock, and from the atmospheric sounds of post-rock to the edgy vibes of grunge, our show is a treasure trove of alternative music.

Discover the powerful anthems of iconic bands like ACDC, Amon Amarth, The Stray Cats, and Slayer, as well as the captivating artistry of Meat Loaf, Motorhead, Whitesnake, and The Wildhearts. We curate a diverse playlist that captures the essence of alternative music, transcending boundaries and defying conventions.

At “The Dark Cookie,” we celebrate the spirit of individuality and the unique voices that shape the alternative music landscape. We understand that true alternative music aficionados crave the unconventional and seek out hidden gems. That’s why we go beyond the mainstream to bring you the best alternative music online, curated with care and passion.

As an alternative music radio station, we also keep you in the loop about upcoming events and gigs in the northern wastelands and beyond. Our gig previews ensure you never miss out on the exhilarating live performances of your favorite alternative bands.

Tune in to “The Dark Cookie” and let the power of alternative music ignite your senses. Experience the exhilaration of discovering new artists, relish in the timeless classics, and embrace the alternative music community that thrives on individuality and nonconformity.

Join Neil Cook on “The Dark Cookie” as we delve into the depths of alternative music, offering you an unforgettable radio experience that resonates with your love for alternative rock, punk, indie, and more.

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