Join Sean McGee on The MONDAY MODAL MELTDOWN, a radio show that takes you on a journey back to the days of sweaty bedrooms and cardboard guitars. Sean’s love for music started at a young age when he was gifted a cassette recorder, which allowed him to create his own radio shows. From Iron Maiden to Led Zeppelin, he spent his early teens playing the best albums of the day with friends. As he entered his late teens, Sean picked up a real guitar and has never looked back since. With years of experience as a member of many rock and metal bands, Sean has played some amazing gigs and has gained a huge following of friends along the way. Now, from his home studio in cosmopolitan Norwich, Sean brings you The MONDAY MODAL MELTDOWN, a show that pays homage to the musicians who inspired him to pick up a guitar himself. Tune in and discover the very best in rock and metal music, with a mix of heavy, melodic and bluesy tunes. Sean’s ultimate goal is to inspire his listeners and bring back the nostalgia and excitement of his own childhood. Don’t miss out on a show that promises to make you smile and keep you inspired!