Welcome to the Heads Up Rock Show, where we shine a spotlight on the rising stars of the rock and metal scene. This show is all about showcasing talented bands that have caught the attention of our host, Jaspa, but have managed to stay true to their roots and remain independent or signed to independent record labels.

Jaspa may not have formal training in audio production, but that doesn’t stop him from creating a show that resonates with his own passion for rock and metal. Rather than aiming for a polished and professional sound, Jaspa focuses on delivering a show that he would personally love to listen to. It’s all about the raw energy, authentic sound, and the pure joy of rocking out.

The Heads Up Rock Show is your gateway to discovering fresh and exciting talent that hasn’t been swept up by the mainstream bandwagon. These bands are the shining lights of the industry, and they deserve your attention. Tune in to hear their music, get to know their stories, and support the underground rock and metal scene.

So, get ready to turn up the volume, unleash your inner rocker, and live your life loud with the Heads Up Rock Show. Join us as we celebrate the untamed spirit of rock and metal, and let the music take you on a wild and exhilarating journey.