Looking for an eclectic alternative music experience? Look no further than Brainwaves, a two-hour radio show hosted by the passionate Brian every Monday from 7pm to 9pm. Brian’s love for music dates back to his childhood in the San Francisco Bay Area, where his parents gifted him a cassette tape recorder, which he used to talk over the songs he heard on the radio. In college, Brian’s dream of becoming a DJ became a reality when he started Brainwaves as a New Wave program. After a hiatus, Brainwaves returned in 2011, and since then, Brian has been curating the best alternative music from five decades of rock and roll, from the pop 70s to the latest melodic indie, with a sprinkle of punk, progressive, new wave, dream pop, synth pop, slowcore, country folk, electronica, art rock, and grunge. And being based in Jerusalem, Brainwaves also features some of the coolest Israeli rock. Don’t miss out on this diverse musical journey. Tune in to Brainwaves every Monday and let the music take over. Voodoo Radio Online, your go-to alternative music radio station.