Hi I’m DJ TC and my name is Tim!
I hail from sunny Liverpool, and I have lived here all my life. I’ve been a musician from a very early age, and my first rock record was ‘Hysteria’ by the mighty Def Leppard. From there I moved onto heavier genres, from Metallica and Megadeth into Death and Carcass, but then the 90’s fully hit me, and Grunge became my go-to genre! From the obvious ‘Big Four’, Alice In Chains are very much my bag with their blend of metal and alternative rock, but I do love so many bands from the 90’s alternative rock scene, that there are too many to mention!
I have been in bands since I was the tender age of 16, have played lead guitar in bands such as Zuprowski Connection, and Rain May Fall, supporting the likes of Testament, Hatebreed and Uli Jon Roth. Now I am an active member of the Groove Rock band Attic Theory, who won Planet Rock’s Best New Band of 2020.
My shows will feature the best of 90’s heavy music, along with some deep cuts and rarities. I’ll also be throwing in some personal favourites from many other eras and genres – so keep listening!
Grunchtime will be on Fridays at midday!