The God of Thunder

When we asked The God of Thunder if he would like to write a small biog for his webpage, he replied, ”
No!” You get the idea. He is not the friendliest of souls (nor do we know, for sure, that he has a soul) and
his personal odour is distinctive and long-lasting, but he does know his music.
His knowledge of Rock, Metal, and Blues has been described as encyclopedic and his choice of tracks is
always interesting. What astounded us is how much he also knows about R’n’B, Soul, Northern Soul, Funk,
Punk, Jazz, Zamrock and, even, Disco! Let’s not get into his penchant for really weird stuff from as far
back as the 1920s. If you can get past the inherent goatiness of it all and you don’t scare easily, he might
just surprise you. Oh, and his opinions are all his own. We’d tell him, but we’re scared of him.
No goats were harmed in the writing of this biog.

The Dog Particle with The God of Thunder

The Dog Particle with The God of Thunder is a perfect way to get you through the day or, night. Although
known as an authority on rock music, the goaty one likes to mix it up. Between 1 and 4pm UK on a
Saturday, he could play absolutely anything, depending on how he feels. It could be all Rock or, it could
be all Northern Soul, Motown, or Stax. Maybe, he’ll delve into the Blues, Jazz or, indeed, if he’s feeling that
way out, he might even give you one of his renowned Rattlesnake Shows, where anything and everything
Being The God of Thunder, he likes to air his views on current events and share his wisdom on all matters.
He has even been known to play a request or two, but only if he approves of your choice. One thing is for
sure, it’s never dull when he is on air and his style is as unique as his goatskin leggings!