Name: Sammi Quinn

Real Name: Andi Halliley

Age: Who knows?

Place Of Birth: She wasn’t born, she was created!

Show: Sammi Quinn’s Midday Metal Mayhem (Tuesday 12pm (UK)/7am (EST)

Social Media: FB-



AKA: Mistress Of Metal; Diva Of Destruction; Metal Mistress; Oi You Ya Drunken Bitch

Fave Bands: Motley Crue, Arch Enemy, Faster Pussycat, Judas Priest, Slayer, Black Roze, Gypsy Pistoleros, South Of Salem, Twisted Sister, LA Guns, Abstractian.

Fave Phrases: Metal Till Death! Another bourbon would be awesome, thanks!, Toodles for now!!!!

Hobbies: Geeky stuff: Model building, reading, cooking, clothing design/making, drinking.

Occupations: DJ/Presenter at Voodoo Radio Online, Alternative Fashion Model at Rogue Model Management, 


Sammi Quinn, Voodoo Radio Online’s Mistress Of Metal was not born, she was created when a foundry worker dropped a litre of bourbon and a Motley Crue LP into a crucible of molten metal. The result was a beautiful Metal Valkyrie with a bad attitude, a love of Heavy Metal, a creative streak a mile wide and an adoration of partying.

Sammi loves to make people happy, which is why she adores playing requests on her show whenever she can.

Sammi is a firm believer that today’s up n coming acts are tomorrow’s stadium and festival headliners and loves to give them as much airplay as possible in order to help them achieve that mutual goal.

Sammi’s besties are Jack Daniels and Jim Beam.

Metal Till Death