Paul Bamlett … (Nickname/Radio DJ Name … Brian de la Musica) 

I was born on Teesside, discovered Alice Cooper at the age of 11 and I have been obsessed with Music ever since.  I’m into all kinds of music. When I’m not talking about music, I’m playing it, reading about it or listening to it. I am always keen to promote new music by new bands so that they can become the established bands and solo acts of tomorrow.

I have been in many bands playing bass and keyboards, and I am also a vocalist. I am also a backstage manager on outdoor festivals and have also worked in many indoor venues doing whatever is needed to get the show on.

I am delighted to bring the One Song show to your ears and am really looking forward to how people feel about that one track that turned them on to a band or artist. I am absolutely over the moon to join the amazing Voodoo Radio Online family.