The God Of Thunder On Voodoo Radio

The God Of Thunder

TBD Thursdays 9pm – 11pm
The Dust Radio Show Saturdays 7pm – 11pm
Jazz Hour/Sunday Tech Stuff Sundays from 10am – 1pm

Gentle reader, you have literally no idea of the lengths we had to go to, in order to get The God of Thunder to write a station bio – he is a mysterious creature, and his dark realms take a brave soul to navigate. Even though he is one of the founders of Voodoo Radio he is still a reclusive being. Only by threatening to endlessly play Wham! tracks to him finally forced his hand, and he balefully set to work.

His musical knowledge is genuinely encyclopaedic, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Preacher acknowledges ‘The Horned One’ as his musical sensei (and it is also rumoured he has an alter dedicated to the thunderous one in his garden shed!). A bit like Superman (but far scarier) he has a human persona – the meek and mild M*** P****, but that ‘shield’ seems much ignored these days.

If you have ever wondered about bands you’ve never yet heard but would hope to experience … then the Goateed one can be counted on to conjure up their most obscure tracks for your aural delectation!

Outspoken, opinionated and never wrong (he ordered us to say that last bit!), he has decades of radio experience to his name, and as a result, is genuinely much respected in the wider broadcasting community. His gruff but sonorous tone on the airwaves, is a constant reassurance that the world is still spinning (albeit in a tad wobbly way) on its axis!

Oh, and He has a tendency to do random ‘Pirate’ shows, with a few minutes notice, just because He can…