Get ready to be swept away on a euphoric journey through the heart of Southern Rock with The Sons Of Liberty’s latest masterpiece, “The Detail Is In The Devil.” From the first electrifying notes of the opening track, “Time To Fly,” it becomes abundantly clear that this album is a game-changer.

Having been a fervent supporter of this South West band of Suvvern Rawk pioneers since their inception, I must confess that the departure of fiery frontman Greyfox Growl left me apprehensive. However, the introduction of Russ Grimmett as the new vocal powerhouse has proven to be a stroke of genius. Grimmett’s commanding voice not only elevates the Sons to new heights, but propels them into the realm of serious contenders. This unexpected change has breathed new life into the band, defying all expectations.

The meticulous production by Josiah J Manning, known for his work with the Kris Barras Band, adds a colossal dimension to the album. “The Detail Is In The Devil” sounds nothing short of massive, showcasing a band that has found a second wind under the guidance of Grimmett and Manning. Guitarists Fred Hale and Andy Muse channel the authenticity of Southern Rock legends like Blackfoot and Molly Hatchet, while the rhythm section of Mark Thomas and Steve Byrne holds a tight and grooving foundation reminiscent of the greats from those self-same bands..

What truly sets this album apart is the exceptional song-writing. The Sons Of Liberty have not only upped their game but have crafted eleven pristine gems that leave no room for weak links. Each track, from the Southern Rock groove of “Turn This Tide” to the soulful authenticity of “Hawk Men Come,” contributes to a musical patchwork that is nothing short of perfection.

“The Detail Is In The Devil” is a colossal riff-fest, an unstoppable force that any legendary American act would be proud to have in their catalogue. Tracks like “Walk With You” seamlessly blend wistfulness with belligerence, showcasing the band’s versatility. “I’ve Got The Sky” transitions from beautiful wistfulness to a joyful gallop with remarkable finesse. It’s a glorious musical journey that feels both convincing and authentic, a testament to the Sons’ genuine effortlessness in their craft.

As I find myself playing this album endlessly, it’s clear that “The Detail Is In The Devil” is a mesmerizing work of art. In January, it already stands out as a strong contender for the album of the year. The Sons Of Liberty are undoubtedly on the fast track to fame and fortune, and catching them in smaller venues now is a must. This album not only contends for the title of the best UK/European Southern Rock album of 2024 but has the potential to be the best anywhere. Hell yeah!