IAN HUNTER – ‘DEFIANCE PT 2: FICTION’ (Ian Hunter/Sun Label Group) ROCK


Prepare to be transported into the vibrant, electrifying world of rock ‘n’ roll as Ian Hunter, the indomitable icon of musical rebellion, unleashes his seventeenth solo masterpiece: “Defiance Part 2: Fiction.”

From the moment you press play, you’re whisked away on a sonic journey through the ages, guided by Hunter’s unmistakable voice and fuelled by the raw energy of rock’s most legendary figures.

Picture yourself back in the heyday of vinyl, a wide-eyed youngster stumbling upon musical treasures in the hallowed halls of “The Junk Shop.” It was there, amidst the eclectic array of artifacts, that Hunter’s music first ignited a flame within you, setting your soul ablaze with its unapologetic defiance and infectious rhythm.

Fast forward to 2024, and Hunter, now 84 years young, continues to defy the constraints of time and convention with “Defiance Part 2.” Teaming up with an all-star lineup of musical luminaries including Joe Elliott, Phil Collen, Brian May, and Johnny Depp, Hunter weaves a tapestry of sound that transcends generations.

From the anthemic opening chords of “People” to the poignant reflection of “Hope,” each track on the album is a testament to Hunter’s unwavering commitment to his craft. With “Fiction,” he channels the spirit of ’70s ELO, blending caustic lyrics with lush strings in a mesmerizing display of sonic alchemy.

As the album unfolds, Hunter’s lyrical prowess shines brightly, tackling themes of love, loss, and the human condition with a poignancy that cuts straight to the heart. Whether he’s belting out the blues-infused swagger of “This Ain’t Rock ‘n’ Roll” or delivering a tender duet with Lucinda Williams on “What Would I Do Without You?,” Hunter’s voice remains a beacon of authenticity in an ever-changing musical landscape.

But perhaps the most poignant moment comes with the closing track, “Hope,” a poignant reminder of Hunter’s enduring legacy in the face of mortality. With Taylor Hawkins’ final recorded performance serving as a bittersweet farewell, Hunter and his collaborators deliver a stirring ode to resilience and the power of music to transcend the bounds of time and space.

In “Defiance Part 2: Fiction,” Ian Hunter proves once again why he stands as a true rock ‘n’ roll icon. With each note, he defies expectations, challenges conventions, and reminds us all of the enduring power of music to inspire, uplift, and unite. So raise a glass, crank up the volume, and join in the celebration of a living legend whose spirit will continue to rock on for generations to come. Cheers to Ian Hunter, the epitome of defiance and unbroken spirit!