Dawson Smith

Dawson Smith, originally from South Wales, has been living in Leicester for 30 plus years. Frontman and song-writer in Americana blues rockin’ band Dawson Smith & The Dissenters, he has always been prominent on the UK gig scene with loads of shows at venues and festivals. Dawson got into Americana early on through Tom Petty,… Continue reading Dawson Smith

Haaji Ka Halva

Haaji Ka Halva! She’s a part of Liverpool based percussion group Busk With Us, but is now venturing into her solo music journey. Brought up in between Pakistani and British culture, she mashes the two together to reinvent sounds from her childhood with present electronic music, creating an almighty non-stop boogie. Expect big fat juicy… Continue reading Haaji Ka Halva

Graeme Richardson

90’s indie scene with splattering of dance, hip hop, 70’s and 80’s classics — not forgetting the occasional guilty pleasure! Sharing your stories and inspiring action is our aim! Graeme is a qualified Wim Hof Method Instructor & Founder of Force Forward. Helping busy professionals chill out NOT burn out & live happier, healthier lives.

Jamie Bey and Chilli

Not The Punk Rock Show A show that despite its name contains a lot of punk rock, featuring new music, old music and everything in between. Based in the North there are also numerous of gig previews as we like to play bands who visit the northern wastelands. The show is delivered fortnightly and presented… Continue reading Jamie Bey and Chilli

Paul Hammond

Punk AF Radio is a fast paced punk music show presented by Paul Hammond. The show plays 50 tracks every show combining the best of the weeks new releases sourced from all around the world, sprinkled with some classic vintage punk songs. Paul has been in the music business for over 30 years playing in… Continue reading Paul Hammond

Jessie Hammond

I’m Jessie, host of my new show called ‘Children Of The Dark’ The show features indie, industrial and alternative music all with heavy or celebratory messages. Each show playlists features songs following similar themes through lyrics, titles and melodies. No matter what the message each show will be an absolute blast to listen to. Join… Continue reading Jessie Hammond

Emma Scott

Veteran radio presenter of over 30 years, Emma Scott has today revealed details of her new globally syndicated radio show. The Pluggin Baby Radio Show is being offered as a 2-hour weekly programme to stations all over the world and features the most exciting independent talent from her radio plugging business, Pluggin Baby, which she… Continue reading Emma Scott

Chris Black

I grew up listening to The Beatles and The Rolling Stones as a child and adored music with a passion. It was no surprise that i entered the mad world of being a DJ at the age of 19, surrounding myself with the disco and funk, glam and punk of the seventies, as the eighties… Continue reading Chris Black

Cat Man

I’m Cat Man! Known as Cat Man cos I love cats! 🤟😹🤟 I also have a huge passion for music. I’m also the director of Steel Paws Festival!  Whilst I do have a wide taste in music Rock is my favourite.. But Lemmy once said it best…”There are only two types of music…Music you don’t… Continue reading Cat Man