THE ONE SONG SHOW is a radio program hosted by Paul Bamlett, also known as Brian de la Musica, that is all about the power of one song. Born on Teesside and a music enthusiast from an early age, Paul is passionate about all kinds of music and enjoys discovering and promoting new bands and solo artists. As a musician himself, having played bass, keyboards, and vocals in many bands, and worked as a backstage manager on outdoor festivals and indoor venues, Paul knows what it takes to make a show happen.

Join Paul as he explores the stories behind that one song that turned listeners onto their favorite band or artist. From alternative music to rock, pop, and everything in between, Paul shares his love of music and invites listeners to discover new sounds and artists. Tune in to Voodoo Radio Online, the alternative music radio station, to listen to THE ONE SONG SHOW and let Paul take you on a musical journey that you won’t forget.