FROM THE SHADOWS is a radio show dedicated to exploring the best of Industrial and EBM music. The show’s creator arrived in Manchester in 1989 with a passion to introduce the city to these genres, which were largely unknown at the time. Starting out in pubs and illegal flat parties, the show creator recorded a live mix to showcase bands like Skinny Puppy, Nitzer Ebb, and Front 242. Their tapes, featuring original artwork, were distributed and well-received.

Over time, the show creator’s passion for music led to a residency at Ara, a Goth/Industrial/Alt. 80s night in a church, where they continue to entertain with material from the early pioneering days of Industrial/EBM to more current bands. The show’s creator also has a residency at Delete Yourself, where they play Dark Techno and Hard Dance, but their Darker Industrial/Early EBM fits right in.

As a sound system and DJ equipment installer and repairer, the show’s creator has the expertise to bring the best quality sound to their listeners. Tune in to FROM THE SHADOWS for the latest and greatest in alternative music, exclusively on Voodoo Radio Online, the premier alternative music radio station.