Dawson Smith

Dawson Smith, originally from South Wales, has been living in Leicester for 30 plus years. Frontman and song-writer in Americana blues rockin’ band Dawson Smith & The Dissenters, he has always been prominent on the UK gig scene with loads of shows at venues and festivals. Dawson got into Americana early on through Tom Petty,… Continue reading Dawson Smith

Magic Mark Yandle

The Psychedelic World of Magic Mark Saturdays 11pm – 1am Mark is much like Dr Who … he is a man who also travels through time and space in his own unique and otherworldly way, surrounded by likeminded companions who treasure his wild and inimitable perspective on life, the universe, and everything. As Mark himself… Continue reading Magic Mark Yandle

Gil Sanchez

My name is Gil Sanchez I am 58 years old and I live in San Diego Ca, USA. . I have been listening to Mod/Ska/Punk/Northern Soul music since 1980. I will be playing mostly oldies but goodies thrown in with a few new bands. Sit back and relive the music of your youth or be… Continue reading Gil Sanchez

DJ Slim 254

Salim Bakari (alias DJ Slim 254) is a multi-talented, award winning Disc Jockey Every since 2000, DJ Slim 254 has been the backbone of the music industry ranging from Bingwa DJ of the Year in 2014 to Stylus DJ of the Year 2015. He has widely performed on major platforms both at home in Kenya… Continue reading DJ Slim 254

DJ Ghost

DJ Ghost has been a DJ in the UK Goth Scene for over 20 years, DJing the influential North- East Goth club “The Charnel House” and appearing at numerous festivals and events across the UK. Ghost’s preferred genres are Post Punk, Goth and Cold Wave.

Mick Staley

I am Mick Staley affectionally known as Mick ‘The Beard’   I have loved Metal since its conception (yes I am that old!) I then went on to start my own webzine ,MetalGodsTV and have been doing that since 2005 and have interviewed many big and small bands , probably in the 100’sby now. I… Continue reading Mick Staley

The Electric Discordian

The Electric Discordian dwells in Discordian Towers somewhere orbiting Manchester in the North of England. He has been a fan of all kinds of music from his early years, so it only seemed right he found work in rock nights across Manchester, as well as Ska night and some weddings! He had now settled into… Continue reading The Electric Discordian

Carl Cryer

I’m Carl and my rock and roll journey began in the mid ‘80’s, when a school pal lent me killers by Iron Maiden on tape, and I never looked back. I quickly moved on to thrash metal and death metal. In about ‘92/’93 I started going to “Jilly’s” in Manchester and quickly became a regular,… Continue reading Carl Cryer