Dr Yeti

The Dr Yeti Radio Show  Fridays 10pm – Midnight The Dr. Yeti Show provides the perfect vehicle to Surf the InterGalactic Psychedelic Wave. The show is BOTH shiny AND fuzzy at the same time featuring an eclectic mix of Music From the Future that’s fuzed seamlessly to form the perfect treat for your 3rd eye. The… Continue reading Dr Yeti

Brian Blum

Brainwaves  Mondays 7pm – 9pm Brian has wanted to be a DJ ever since he was 7-years-old growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area and his parents bought him a cassette tape recorder. He began talking over the songs he heard on the radio in his best 1970s Top 40 Boss Jock voice. It… Continue reading Brian Blum


The entity known to earth-dwellers as The W.O.B. used to present a radio show called The Graveyard Drift here on Voodoo Radio, but now prefers to lurk in the shadows as Overlord. She is an incarnation of the Buddha from the destroyed planet of Ossir in the Sirius system, and is about 967 Earth-years old… Continue reading The WOB

Wayne Elliott

Pulsebeat Tuesdays 11pm – 12am Wayne is something of a legend within the Punk and Hardcore scene. He is the founder member and bass guitarist for UK hardcore heroes DOCTOR & THE CRIPPENS. Famed for their crazed stage shows and riotous music, UK DJ legend John Peel was even a fan! You may even know… Continue reading Wayne Elliott

Tim Livingston

‘Radio Warfare with Tim Livingston’ is a one hour show of powerful garage rock, punk, power pop, and shakin’ straight up rock & roll, offered each week, exclusively, on Voodoo Radio! With over 40 years experience in the music scene, the All Music Guide calls host Tim Livingston “…a pioneering figure on the punk scene… Continue reading Tim Livingston

The Rock N Roll Preacher

Preacher & Tha Payn and Sonic Sermons From The Preacher’s Pulpit Chris O’Connor is one of the founder members of Voodoo Radio. Known far and wide as ‘The Rock ‘n’ Roll Preacher’ (or when he’s a bad boy ‘Satanic Muttley’). He was also an original member of other radio stations, including ARfm, Rock247online and Nusakan,… Continue reading The Rock N Roll Preacher

DJ Roo

The Freak Room Saturdays 7pm – 9pm Music means everything to Roo. She’s a lover of small grassroots festivals and gigs and can often be found laying down the grooves between bands at gigs and festies. Away from music, Roo supports teenagers with learning disabilities, a job which she adores. So, welcome to the Freak… Continue reading DJ Roo

NJ Harris

The Slippery Slope Thursdays 7pm – 9pm NJ’s love of rock and metal started at school. At a young age he became a fan of Queen, but once he was played some Iron Maiden and AC/DC in the playground one day, he found himself hopelessly hooked on all things hard and heavy from that moment!… Continue reading NJ Harris

Mike Bowden

The Laveau Lounge Sundays 6pm – 8pm Mike Bowden loves the blues – they tell his story. He’s spent his life walking in their shadow. He doesn’t go looking for trouble, but it’s always coming his way. He’s the last of the independents. A little Dr Jekyll, a little Mr Hyde. Down by the river,… Continue reading Mike Bowden