On the Beastie Rock Show, it’s all about insults, fun, music and insults. Did I mention the insults?

It takes a certain type of chuffer to listen to my show, and the insults can fly thick and fast both ways – but in between all of that will be some great music.  There’s always going to be a heavy sprinkling of old-school (‘60s and ‘70s) rock as that’s the era I grew up in, my formative years so to speak. As much as I love tripping down memory lane, it’s new music, brand new rock, that gets the Beastie juices flowing. I apologise for using the word ‘juices’ but as regular listeners know, I don’t often have control over what I say and do, though I must admit that yes I truly do speak fluent gibberish.   

it’s new music, current bands, working hard to record and perform their own version of rock, that carries the heartbeat of all those legendary bands I grew up with, that is what really excites me these days. Imagine all the music you have in your memory being rivalled by new bands, making it all sound as fresh as you like, what’s not to love about that? What’s not to get excited about? Music should stir the soul, it should get you excited and if it doesn’t … then yes, I truly and honestly do feel sad for you.  

It’s not just about the music on Beastie’s Rock Show though, as I mentioned, there’s plenty of fun, and to that end I usually have a quiz on the show which makes people moan…a LOT…which I must admit, I like – and it’s designed that way. It’s never too difficult, but if I can take liberties with it, and rest assured – I will. A lot of listeners like to insult me during the quiz, and I can’t complain really, it’s all fully deserved, and I get what I ask for. 

When it comes to the blues, things are a little different… 
My first love has always been rock but right from the start it was the blues-tinged rock that grabbed every little piece of heart. Led Zep, Free, The Rolling Stones and the older I get the more in touch with the blues I become and the deeper involved I get in it. 

I’m not what I would call a technical presenter. I don’t like long lists of stats and info – and who did what, when and who with. Music to me has always been about heart and soul and moving me, physically and emotionally. When I’m on-air people know instantly whether I like something, or I LOVE something. I’m often unable to speak immediately after a song because it’s grabbed hold of me so much. More often than not, a song I’ve played many, many times too but in that moment, even on air, I am lost, totally gone. 

That sums me up and especially my relationship with music. Blues (and soul) hold that power over me more than any other form of music. One minute I have a huge smile on my face playing some 60s Rhythm and Blues, dancing around my studio, the next my heart is wrung out from a powerful vocal, a searing guitar lick or stunning piece of gob iron.  I’m usually an emotional wreck by the end of a show…but I keep coming back for more. 

Come and have a listen…bring ya moaning boots and ya flak jacket for a great afternoon. 

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