Hi I’m Nicky,
Mum of 5 – Grandmother of 13
For a long time, my family has come first for me, but I’ve always carried the passion of music in my heart – turning to music in the highs and lows of life. For many years I have been part of the Manchester Rock/Alternative scene, getting to know promoters, bands and DJs. With this knowledge of people in the industry, I believed the scene had become stale, and thousands of brilliant artists were being ignored, while the same old music was played, and bands were covering the old songs, but not doing their own thing, so I tried to open this up for new bands to be heard.
I started promotion and trying to get bands played in clubs I was involved in or ran myself, ‘Back from Hell’ which I was promoting and helped run for a few years, before moving on to my own adventures at first ‘CrossXover’, and then ‘Decades of Rock’.
The Manchester scene was in turmoil after our beloved Jilly’s night club suddenly closed overnight, and people seemed to be lost as to where to spend their nights out. It wasn’t just a club – it was a community, and being part of that community, I was going to try to do something to help.
Due to being naive and too trusting, I was taken advantage of and became very ill. Now risen from the ashes, and with fresh fight in my heart, I see a great opportunity to help rebuild this Radio station. Voodoo Radio Online has given me a reason to once again love all music, and to realise for all the bad people I came across, there are also so many lovers of music, truly passionate people, who are willing to come together, and form one amazing team.
I thank everyone for coming onboard and help build something for all to share in and enjoy. We do this for you music lovers, and to keep in mainstream music alive and on the Air. Please help us build the Voodoo family, and keep our Music, no matter which genre, alive. Be good to one another, stay safe, and keep on making the music we love to enjoy.