Rich Ramone On Voodoo Radio

Rich Ramone

3 Minute Heroes Mondays 10pm – Midnight

Rich is a born and bred Brummie, and a self-confessed Scotophile, having lived in Edinburgh for number of years. Expect the occasional dose of bagpipes.

His musical journey began with rock and heavy metal. Actually, it began with a Brotherhood of Man album, but he doesn’t like to talk about that. Along the way, he has passed through punk, ska, reggae, grunge, Madchester, and rave, to name but a few.

‘Three Minute Heroes’ will be about playing anything and everything, with the mantra of ‘If You Don’t Like This One Hang Around, There’ll Be Another One Along Very Soon’. That doesn’t mean that the occasional 20 minute rock epic won’t be slipped in, along the way.

Away from music, Rich is a poor surfer, adequate snow boarder, and enthusiastic disc golfer (throwing Frisbees around in the countryside). He lives in the scenic Malvern and Welsh Valleys, is the proud father of 3 kids, and has a 49% share in a mongrel called ‘Ziggy van Drunen’.