Max Darkness On Voodoo Radio Online

Max Darkness

Alphabetical Order Sundays 4pm – 6pm

Max Darkness is a complex and shadowy figure. Even to his fellow DJ’s he remains an enigma wrapped in a riddle, always shrouded in mystery. Max prefers dark and sinister surroundings, where he lurks with insidious intent. When he is seen, it is as a fleeting shadow in the murky distance.

His show, ‘Alphabetical Order’ investigates all sorts of music without frontiers… but in this case from an alphabetical perspective. Hence, on a weekly basis, the show will concentrate on artists whose names begin with a set letter. Resultantly, his shows will feature a wide-ranging choice of music from all many genres.

When pushed hard, Max briefly allowed himself to emerge into daylight, blinking dolefully. Before he slunk away again, he had this to say about his show: “It’s a genuinely interesting idea when you try to put a playlist together, just based on a letter of the alphabet. You get a really weird selection of music from the last hundred years. Then, the hard work is creating a show that isn’t a complete screw the pooch”.

No pooches were in any way harmed during the creation of this show.