Jamie Cartland


We are a Ryley and Jamie, a pair of friends from Wolverhampton that met in school. Through a love of music, our friendship evolved into years of gigs, raves, festivals and long nights of mixing jungle and drum and bass, over a funny fag or two.

We both have a wide taste in music and it would have to be rare to find a song that one of us didn’t enjoy. Expect to be hearing some of the best in Rock, Indie, Reggae, Soul, and Hip-Hop, to name but a few.

Our collaborative show, The Big Beat Zone, is an hour of music with a loose theme, ranging from politics to TV and a small dose of the official Ugliest Accent of the UK (you have been warned!)

Tracklists for all our shows: https://open.spotify.com/user/ikurlz?si=wKRq8rzYT7KJ63WxV3RCfw&fbclid=IwAR3AqI7rKKib1MZ_3CBpNJszNaT2Eg9qvPVzFun8KxRsFY5mdfq6UknKIXA