Dani Maguire

Radio is dying. Mainstream ‘pop’ music is choking the life from it, with its glamour, greed and “celebrity”. it’s bleeps and farts. Its commissioning panels are hard at work picking the next ‘hit’ for the unthinking majority in a self-fulfilling cycle of shite.
Thankfully, there are some great radio stations that have the foresight and the open mindedness to address this situation, by allowing more METAL on the air!

In early 2013, We had a dream to bring the best, and sometimes ¬†unusual metal in the world into one weekly show. We approached a local FM station, and ‘The Metalheadz: Extended Play’ was born. After 50 successful shows, The host, Dani, otherwise known as ‘The Gentleman of Metal’ decided to freshen up the format, and now brings you POWERZONE! With help from his ‘talkative’ co-host Joe ‘The Roadie’, and occasional guest hosts, POWERZONE strives to continue the good work and give you more diverse metal from the world over, stuff that you’re unlikely to hear elsewhere.