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CJ StonedFerret

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CJ was born in Scotland, but grew up in Canada, returning to Scotland in 2001. He has played bass guitar in many bands, mostly Handcore and Punk, but even playing in a Lynyrd Skynyrd cover band, at one point!

In 1976, at the ripe old age 12, CJ heard the Ramones. For him, it was a truly life changing moment. That led to a love of  The Clash, The Sex Pistols, Discharge, and Iggy Pop. In his own words, “I loved the music, the rawness of it. I wasn’t old enough to understand the impact it was going to have, later on”.

Growing up in an outer suburb of Toronto, CJ became part of a close-knit community of punks. For a smallish suburb (at the time) there were five hardcore bands: Section 8, Hype, Negative Gain, Verbal Assassination, and State of Mind. CJ played in Verbal Assassination first. From that era, there is only a single recording left, and that is an extremely old, worn live show, from the soundboard at the Turning Point club, in Toronto. All the bands were friends, regularly helping each other out. For example, the guitar player in Negative Gain also played in Verbal Assassination for a time. CJ later joined Negative Gain, after the tragic death of the lead singer. That was when he started playing with bands that he had always listened to, including the likes of Dag Nasty, Die Kreuzen, The Freeze, MDC, and Gang Green.

Again in his own words: “From a young age I just continuously collected records and tapes from where i could get them. I love finding a band that i have never heard of before. Discovering new music is a passion. But, i think, as humans we seek out what we know, that is why, for me, revisiting the bands that came before, is so important”.

CJ is adamant: “Punk is not dead, and never will be, due to one fact: The passion that is hardcore and punk is impossible to kill. Punk is community”. CJ ‘StonedFerret’ is now bringing his ferocious passion to the Voodoo Radio family.